The Queen of Diamonds

Number 51 – Be part of a world record (The Queen Of Diamonds) – Sunday 25th September 2016

So three weeks ago, I decided that I was going to make a start on my apocalyst and start working towards my first achievement: run a half marathon. Upon looking online, I found an event that would allow me to cross another entry off the list: be part of a world record. The event was the global energy run, which was an attempt to have the most people running in the same race in one day. The problem? It was less than three weeks away, and I hadn’t run before, apart from a little treadmill every now and again.   By the time I’d thought this through, I’d already signed up! So the training began. I started with 3km on the treadmill, and pushed myself as hard as I could. A week before the event I managed 10km in 53 minutes, and I was happy with that time. I was hoping I could hit a similar time in the event.

Today started at 6.55am; far too early for a Sunday morning. We got to the event in good time, and the atmosphere was electric. I’ve never done an event like that, so I was pleasantly surprised at the support available, and the high spirits of everybody.

9.45 came, and the race began. I say race, I had no intention of racing anybody; I popped my headphones in, and settled into my pace. The first 5km went without a hitch, smashing my personal best and completing the 5km in 23.45. Then, at the 6km mark I hit the wall. A stitch set in and I had to slow down to a walk to get my breath. At the same time, my left calf seized up, and I was in agony. Luckily, a minute of walking and the stitch had subsided, and the run began again. At 8km I began to see supporters on the sidelines, and I got the surge of energy I needed. I completed the 10km in 48.37, and crossed the finish line in 49.12 (it was slightly longer than 10km), smashing my PB by 5 minutes!

So now the journey has begun proper.  The Queen of Diamonds is crossed off the list, only 51 to go.  How is yours going?  Let me know in the comments below, and don’t make too much fun of my red face in the pictures!


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