The Three of Spades

Number 29 – Go to a drive-in movie (Three of Spades) – Friday 28th October 2016

A Drive-in Movie! In England?!  This one was so much fun, and to be honest it isn’t going to be a long or meaningful entry this time around, but it’s ok to just have a little fun now and again! As Sarayu Blue says, Carpe That Diem! Read More »


Meteor Hunting – A perfect failure – 21st October 2016

The Apocalyst is taking me to some strange places. The four of spades on my list is to witness a meteor shower, and earlier this week my friend Luke informed me that there was meant to be a meteor shower in England towards the end of October.  So I did my research, and on Friday 21st October, whilst most people were tucked up in bed, or drinking in a bar, I was with a friend packing up the car with hot chocolate and food to go meteor hunting at 1am!  Read More »