The Three of Spades

Number 29 – Go to a drive-in movie (Three of Spades) – Friday 28th October 2016

A Drive-in Movie! In England?!  This one was so much fun, and to be honest it isn’t going to be a long or meaningful entry this time around, but it’s ok to just have a little fun now and again! As Sarayu Blue says, Carpe That Diem! 

Last night was pretty epic; I wasn’t even aware that you could see a drive-in movie in England.  I was wrong.  I also have an admission to make: I had never seen Top Gun before.  Even more of an admission: it’s not the most epic movie of all time…! (please don’t hate me for that!)  But that wasn’t the point at all.  Last night was a huge treat for me. It started with Wagamama for dinner, supposedly a little hint of what’s to come when I move to Tokyo next spring.  It was really thoughtful, and Wagamama is awesome!  Then the movie itself. Whatever you do, make sure you see a drive-in movie at least once in your life.  It’s such a cool experience, and the moonlight drive-in cinema company do a great job (link at the end for those of you living in England). The soundtrack and audio comes out of your speakers using the car radio, and upon arrival there is 50s music playing to set the mood.  We had a perfect spot on the second row, you could talk to the people in your car through the movie, and you don’t have to sit next to a stranger eating their popcorn too loud! To be honest I can’t say enough good things about it; the screen and picture were good, and at times it genuinely felt like one of those scenes from the movies. What made it even more authentic was a convertible car pulling up alongside us.  Unfortunately for them, they hadn’t realised they would need the radio to listen to the movie, and theirs wasn’t working.  Cue the staff providing a portable radio for their car!

The Three of Spades is complete and as I said before, not all of these are going to be heartfelt or deep; some of them are just going to be awesome and fun! And thank you so much to Sarah for organising it all, it was amazing!


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