Spreading the Apocalyst – 3rd January 2017

In my last post, I told you that The Apocalyst was real and happening every day.  I never expected this…!

It’s less than two weeks until I set out on a journey that will no doubt rock me to my core; the reason the Apocalyst started in the first place.  My friend and I fly to Bangkok on the 16th January 2017 to travel through South East Asia, before I move to Japan at the beginning of March.  Leaving everything behind is a terrifying prospect, and whilst I know that everything will work out, and it will be an amazing adventure, fear is inevitable I guess. The main fear is that of the unknown; I have no idea how Japan will pan out or what to expect from it; all I know is that it might not be as long term as I had first intended.  However this is for a good reason, one which I may be able to share with you in the coming months. 

When I started the Apocalyst, it wasn’t really about anybody else; it was my own challenge, my own attempt at doing something.  I said in my first post that I would love if by some miracle it managed to inspire somebody else, but in my head that felt like a bit of a pipe dream; that this was going to be a solo journey.  Recently however, I’ve been contacted by two people that have been inspired, and in turn inspired me to ensure that The Apocalyst becomes all it is meant to be.


Paul sent me this picture after reading some of the blog at the start of November. He is truly one of the loveliest people I have ever had the good fortune of meeting, full of joy and love.  However he told me that the idea of getting older etc. was a daunting prospect; he’d had a lot of things that he was ‘getting around to’ that simply hadn’t been accomplished yet because life gets in the way.  His “Armageddon-a-list” is his answer, and whilst I’m slightly disappointed that his title is probably the best thing I’ve ever seen, I’m so humbled that I may have had some small input in this.  He has approached the list in his own way, putting various ambitions into categories, under headings such as music, cooking etc. and it looks amazing.  I can’t wait to see the result!

Then over Christmas my old friend Katie got in touch with the following message, quoted with permission.

We’ve been inspired and done a 12 month 12 things bucket list… nowhere near as exciting as yours. But it’s a start 🙂

Can’t wait to see your adventures xx


The idea that the Apocalyst is beginning to spread is something that makes me uncontrollably happy. Life is all about the people we meet and the experiences we create, and being able to share those with others, or inspire others to experience life is something that fills me with joy.  The Apocalyst is only 3 months old and has already led to me creating some of the best memories of my life.  I would go so far as to say it has already changed my life, albeit in an indirect way, for the better.  The thought that it might make even the smallest impression on another person’s life? I can’t even begin to explain how awesome that is.

So now it’s your turn.  These two legends have shared their lists, where is yours?  Comment below with your own lists; they don’t have to be long, even just one item is more than enough.  Be brave, commit to putting it down in writing for everyone to see.  That way you have to do it! Ask your friends to do the same.  I will help in any way possible, and who knows, maybe someone out there will read your list and be able to help you accomplish something.  Even better, you may help them accomplish something.

There is No Tomorrow.  Carpe that Diem!


2 thoughts on “Spreading the Apocalyst – 3rd January 2017

  1. Hi, love your blog and I’m also a huge fan of the show No Tomorrow! To help me live a more present life I created my own Apocalyst and had little notebooks made and gave them out to 10 of my friends with instructions on how to use it. And of course that was on my list 🙂 Oddly enough leaving my job was on there too and I got laid off a few weeks ago. SO now the universe has thrown down the gauntlet and I’m fortunate enough to be able to ask myself ‘what do i want my life to look like’. I’m feeling EEK and YAY at the same time. I don’t have the answer yet but in the meantime I’m enjoying working on being present and crossing items off my list. I have 100 on my list so far. Anyways, nice to meet a like minded apocalyster. Looking forward to reading updates!

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    • Hi Diana, thanks so much for the comment, it’s awesome to hear others doing the same thing. Leaving my job wasn’t actually on mine, but I had to in order to be able to cross off some things, so I completely understand the EEK and YAY you’re going through. I’d love to see a few of the things on your list!
      Thanks again


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