The Nine of Clubs

Number 9 – The Nine of Clubs

I planned to cross off a lot of things from the Apocalyst over the next few months; visit Thailand, see the killing fields, live in Tokyo, amongst many other things. Right now I’m sat on the train to London ready to fly to Bangkok tomorrow, after an extremely emotional ‘see you soon’. And I realised something. The one item from the list that I could never have planned or predicted has ended up happening.Read More »


Spreading the Apocalyst – 3rd January 2017

In my last post, I told you that The Apocalyst was real and happening every day.  I never expected this…!

It’s less than two weeks until I set out on a journey that will no doubt rock me to my core; the reason the Apocalyst started in the first place.  My friend and I fly to Bangkok on the 16th January 2017 to travel through South East Asia, before I move to Japan at the beginning of March.  Leaving everything behind is a terrifying prospect, and whilst I know that everything will work out, and it will be an amazing adventure, fear is inevitable I guess. The main fear is that of the unknown; I have no idea how Japan will pan out or what to expect from it; all I know is that it might not be as long term as I had first intended.  However this is for a good reason, one which I may be able to share with you in the coming months. Read More »