Where have you been?

Where you want to be

This isn’t going to be a very long post, but hopefully will serve as an apology and an explanation as to why I have been a little absent recently. I’m now back in England, having returned at the start of May from the insanity of travelling around SE Asia earlier this year. Since returning from my travels I haven’t posted at all on this site, for a multitude of reasons. At first, I was involved with reconnecting with friends and family, telling stories of my time away and settling back into life at home. From there, my attention quickly turned towards how I was going to earn money, and my attention was also firmly fixed on the fact that I had three months to save up enough money for my move to Canada. Given that SE Asia had taken a large chunk of my savings, this has been a pretty large worry for the past few weeks. Moving to Canada wasn’t something I had ever planned on doing until earlier this year, but meeting a certain person, and realising that this life is the only one we get changed my plans slightly. We’re so excited about everything that is coming, but it has meant that since being home, all my energy has been spent there.

As time went on, I knew I had things that I wanted to write, but I kind of fell into a void; the void of being home. I’m not going to try and explain this here, but instead I will direct you one of my favourite posts I think I have ever read, which explains The Hardest Part of Travelling absolutely perfectly. You sort of get lost and I guess there is an extreme feeling of sadness, like you almost don’t belong once you get home. Whilst I was travelling, of course I was extremely busy, but I always found time to write. I guess because I had things to write about, but also because I felt like the writing had purpose; it was a way for me to communicate with people, and somewhere I could document what I was experiencing, not only for others, but for myself in the future. When I got back, I had a few weeks where I wasn’t working; I had ample time and I could easily have finished the posts I had started whilst I was away. But instead I sat around. I worried about not working, not earning enough money, not being busy enough. I set myself into a downward spiral and it wasn’t a pretty sight. When you couple this with the fact that really this blog is not in any way a travel blog, it sort of makes even less sense. But I’m happy to say that things got better, plans are well underway, and The Apocalyst continues.

During May, there was some pretty sad news when we found out that No Tomorrow, the series that inspired this project and changed my life and the lives of so many others for the better wasn’t being renewed. It was devastating news, but in a way I think it makes this even more important. I have met so many people since starting this blog that are beginning their own journey, and I know that the show and this blog have inspired at least a few people to make a change in their lives. I know that Tory, and the other crew and cast from the show would love to see the Apocalyst continue, and hopefully this site will give people the outlet they need. Don’t forget to add your own Apocalyst here!

I gave myself 5 years to complete my list. It might seem like I have been pretty absent from it these past few weeks; for that I apologise, but without the Apocalyst, I don’t think I would even be moving to Canada, and I might not have met the girl of my dreams. I guess in some ways The Apocalyst is to blame for all of this! But, the vacation is over. As I write this, I am also on the phone trying to organise the next thing to tick off the list. Luke and are going for a spin!

Once again, let’s Carpe that Diem!


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