The Ten of Spades

Number 36 – Go Zorbing (Ten of Spades) – Sunday 9th July 2017

Not everything on the Apocalyst is something profound and life changing.  Some of them are just an excuse for me to have a bit (or in this case a lot) of fun!  At the end of the day, we all need to have more fun; adult life is nowhere near what we were promised as children, and I for one am determined to change that!  Zorbing is one of the things from my list that is just a bit of stupidity and a whole lot of fun; this post won’t be too long, but if you are thinking about going zorbing then this might help you to decide.

Zorbing should actually have been one of the first things completed on my list.  Just after starting the Apocalyst, I received a voucher to go zorbing as a present for my birthday, in order to spur me on.  If you are considering zorbing, or know somebody that is, then I would recommend the vouchers from if you are living in the UK; they are inexpensive and the process was extremely easy. There are also many other experiences that you can purchase from there.  Anyway, because of the events of the last 8 months, I hadn’t managed to organise this before going to Japan, so when I got back into the UK, I set about booking it. The vouchers were for a company based in Macclesfield called Madrenaline Activities and from the very beginning they were great. They allowed me to add an extra person to accompany me and share the experience, and also to add an extra zorb for a super reasonable price.  So that was it, we were going for a spin.

The morning came and Luke and I started the day with some rock climbing before heading over to Macclesfield.  It was a beautiful day, and although it wasn’t the easiest to find, we arrived (almost) on time.  Madrenaline Activity centre is a hive of activity, with Segways buzzing past, obstacle courses, and laser clay Pigeon shooting amongst other things; but from the moment you drive into the car park, one sight dominates.  The zorbing spheres were much bigger than I had expected and were quite imposing, requiring four people to manoeuvre them into position.  After watching a few people clamber inside and get harnessed up, we were directed to the reception to check in.  Again, this process was quick and professional, and it was here that we learned about the different types of sphere-ing that were on offer.  I had thought that the zorbing experience would just involve getting harnessed in and pushed down a hill.  Enter the Aqua-sphere.  Essentially, if you have ever wondered what it would feel like to be inside a washing machine, this would answer those thoughts. Originally I had booked for two harness zorbs for Luke and I, but we were able to change this to include an aqua-sphere experience as well.  We were in business.

The first ride was the regular zorbing experience, so with our harnesses on, it was time to get inside the sphere.  I’m not going to lie, it isn’t very dignifying, but nothing ventured, nothing gained!  Once inside, you are attached to the wall of the sphere facing each other, given a few safety instructions and you are ready to depart.  Because you are facing each other, this means that one person will be rolling head first, whilst the other rolls backwards, feet first.  Each gets a different experience, but regardless it is adrenaline fuelled.  I realise it isn’t for everybody but it was so much fun. I was surprised at how fast the sphere travelled, and the journey wasn’t without a few hard landings on the ground as you hurtle towards the safety net, but it was seriously exhilarating! Highly recommended!

That wasn’t the end of our day though…  Back at the top of the hill we were removed from the harnesses and once again bundled into the sphere.  This is where things changed though – instead of being attached to the walls, we entered the sphere to a pool of water and were instructed to just sit down and lie back. The entrance was blocked out by an inflatable and, with no support or protection, sitting together, Luke and I were sent down the hill again.  As the zorb gained speed the water began churning and we began swishing around inside.  Before we knew it, we were both being thrown around the sphere, water everywhere at breakneck speed; as I said before, it was exactly how I would expect being stuck in a washing machine to feel. I know it doesn’t sound very fun, but this was literally one of the highlights of the day. It was one of the most surreal, fun things I’ve done in a long time!

Overall the day was incredible fun and a great laugh.  Madrenaline Activity Centre is a great space with so much on offer, so if you are in the UK then definitely check them out, and if you know an adrenaline junkie, then make sure you bear these guys in mind.  Happy belated birthday Luke!

Base Jumping next, anybody?!


One thought on “The Ten of Spades

  1. What a buzz! I’ve just posted my Zorbing photos, what an experience! My partner also tried the aqua zorb (with the water inside). Luckily, he brought a change of clothes. The other guy in the photo didn’t and had a very unpleasant journey home! We’ve also zorbed on water and in a wind tunnel. Happy days!


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