The Four of Hearts

Number 17 – See the firefly squid in Japan (Four of Hearts) – Tuesday 4th April 2017

Squid that light up and glow in the sea? It can’t actually be real though right? It’s just one of those very well photo-shopped images. We’ve all read and seen those articles of the most amazing things in the world; normally we read them at our office desk whilst pretending to do work, or maybe even on the toilet. Don’t pretend you haven’t. But last year I remember seeing one particular picture that looked too good to be true.Read More »


The Two Of Clubs Part 4

Number 2 – Visit Thailand (Two of Clubs) – Tuesday 7th February

Part 4 – The Islands

This is going to be the final part of my Thai adventures; with this the 2 of clubs is finally complete! I’m pretty certain I could spend twice as much time here in Thailand, and believe me when I say it is an incredible destination. I hope these posts and the pictures have gone some way to showing you that and inspired you.Read More »