Why you need to Visit Kanazawa

Number 6 – Live in Tokyo (the 6 of Clubs) – Part 6


Stop what you are doing. Don’t read any further yet; first go and book your ticket to Kanazawa. Do it right now, and then come back and read why you HAVE to visit this incredible place!Read More »


The Traditional Wonder of Kyoto

Number 6 – Live in Tokyo (the 6 of Clubs) – Part 5


Aside from Tokyo, I think Kyoto is probably the next most popular destination in Japan for tourists, especially around this time of year. I actually juggled my trip around in order to maximise my chances of seeing the cherry blossoms in full bloom, but unfortunately you cannot predict nature and they are blooming late this year. Nevertheless, I had a great few days here and Kyoto definitely shows off a different side of Japan. Read on to find out more.Read More »