Why you need to Visit Kanazawa

Number 6 – Live in Tokyo (the 6 of Clubs) – Part 6


Stop what you are doing. Don’t read any further yet; first go and book your ticket to Kanazawa. Do it right now, and then come back and read why you HAVE to visit this incredible place!Read More »



Number 6 – Live in Tokyo (the 6 of Clubs) – Part 4


It’s always the first sentence that bugs me when writing a new post. How on Earth am I going to get you interested enough to read on? I haven’t yet found the answer, but read on anyway, there’s some fun stuff in this one. I recently spent a week in Osaka, which was pretty awesome; once again I’m not going to do a rundown day by day of what you should be doing, because if you visit you’ll want to make your own itinerary etc. but what follows are some great recommendations, and what I did whilst I was there.Read More »

How to see Orang-utans in Borneo on a Budget

How to see orang-utans in Borneo on a budget

Most people head to Borneo for one thing: the wildlife. In particular, the Bornean orang-utan. Whether you’re planning to visit in the future, or you’re already on the beautiful island, one thing might be clear to you – it can be extremely expensive to see the great apes, and for those people travelling on a budget, it can seem out of range. I recently visited Borneo, saw the orang-utans at Sepilok rehabilitation centre, and booked a 3d2n river cruise full of wildlife, with accommodation and food for less than £150, including flights from Kota Kinabalu. In this article, I’m going to show you how it’s not only possible to do it cheaper, but how to maximise your possibility of seeing these elusive creatures, plus see the other wildlife Borneo has to offer. I will include all my outgoings, and offer alternatives towards the end.Read More »

The Nine of Hearts


Number 22 – Hug an Orang-utan (the Nine of Hearts) – Thursday 16th February 2017

Full disclaimer – Technically I failed this one because I didn’t actually hug an orang-utan. However, knowing now how strong they are and how vicious they can be, I’m happy that I got close enough!

I SAW ORANG-UTANS!!!!!!!!! This for me was a dream come true, and to be honest it was something I had actually planned on missing out for the moment. Let’s step back a few months…Read More »