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I think this page might become my favourite of all…

When I started my apocalyst I didn’t really expect much from it. I thought my mum might read it to keep track of my travels, and maybe a friend or two every now and again when they needed help getting to sleep! I never expected it to explode in the way it has, and inspire others. A while  back I posted an entry about how the apocalyst was beginning to spread and told you about two special people, Paul and Katie. Since then I’ve had a few other people get in touch with me regarding their own journies and it has been totally humbling. To think that other people are embarking on a similar journey is crazy, I have been amazed by some people’s apocalyst entries, and so I figured it was time for a page like this. In my first post I offered a challenge – for you to write your own apocalyst. It didn’t have to be long or full of life changing things; one or two entries would do. It’s more about committing to it.

This page isn’t going to be about me. It’s going to be a place where you can post your own apocalyst. It doesn’t matter what other people have put, although reading theirs may inspire your own list, and it doesn’t matter what you put on your list. Over time, I hope this page will grow into somewhat of a community; people might be able to help you cross something off your list, or might be able to give you advice. You don’t have to post your name along with the list if you wish to remain anonymous, and I will help as we go in any way I can.

I know it’s a scary prospect putting something like this online for everyone to see. But isn’t it more scary going through life and not doing the things you want to do? In the end, you don’t remember the times you were a little embarrassed, but I guarantee you will remember the chances you didn’t take.

Make sure that when you comment, you click the button that says ‘notify me of replies via email’ so that you can see when others get in touch!

I can’t wait to see your lists!

Carpe that diem!

Paul’s List


Katie’s List



7 thoughts on “Your Apocalyst

  1. A few days ago I received this from a lady in India. It is posted elsewhere on this site, but I was so moved that I wanted to put it here as well.

    Vaisshnavi’s Apocalyst:

    1. Solo backpacking trip to another country
    2. Travel continuously for a month
    3. Jump off Dead Man’s Cliff
    4. Kiss a stranger
    5. Make out under the stars
    6. Put off fire
    7. Give a minimum of 1000 rupees to a homeless
    8. Steal someone’s drink
    9. Sky dive
    10. Scuba dive
    11. Bungee jump at Newzealand
    12. Swim with Jelly fish
    13. A cake for each birthday
    14. Sponsor a trip for my brother and his friends
    15. A bike road trip
    16. Dance in the middle of the road and get someone to join you
    17. Get married the western way
    18. Sell an artwork that you made
    19. Visit Hollywood
    20. Visit Disney studios
    21. Learn Surfing
    22. Go on a cruise
    23. Hold a panda
    24. Tomorrow Land
    25. Attend a foam party
    26. Waterfall rappelling
    27. Live like a princess for a day
    28. Get atleast 4 tattoos
    29. Swim with dolphins
    30. Pet a Dolphin
    31. Have atleast 3 dogs at the same time
    32. Light a Chinese lantern
    33. Learn a new language
    34. Zorbing
    35. Make mom take couple of days off and give her complete rest
    36. Leave a mysterious note inside a library book
    37. Stand in the middle of a lake on a full moon day
    38. Take the gang out for a meal at a star hotel
    39. Be a part of a theater play
    40. Take atleast 5 orphaned kids to a place of their choice
    41. Make peace with dad
    42. Take dad out for a meal
    43. See a Hollywood movie / favorite TV show being filmed
    44. Plan and design the wedding card for P & B’s wedding
    45. Celebrate someone’s special day with them
    46. Calligraphy
    47. Paint a wall
    48. Design a dress
    49. Kiss a celebrity
    50. Belly Dance


    • I’m not sure if this is the space where I am supposed to comment my Apocalyst but it’s the only place I could find and I’m just gonna roll with it. My current Apocalyst is almost 200 items long so I’m not gonna post the whole thing, I will just provide a small sample like 50 items or so. Here goes nothing!

      1. Be on the Amazing Race
      2. Jump into the snow after being in a hot tub
      3. Get a tattoo that someone else picks out
      4. Drive into the country and stargaze
      5. Become scuba certified
      6. Genetically modify something (I’m a science major and this is actually a pretty cool thing to do in science)
      7. Kiss a stranger
      8. See Machu Picchu
      9. Ride in a hot air balloon
      10. See a sunrise over the Atlantic Ocean
      11. See a sunset over the Pacific Ocean
      12. Plant a tree
      13. Learn how to brew beer
      14. Live abroad for atleast 6 months
      15. Experience a hurricane (nothing catastrophic but being from the Midwest of the US, there’s never a threat of a hurricane)
      16. Fly first class
      17. Visit a castle
      18. Start a fire without matches
      19. Be a part of a TV studio audience
      20. See the Grand Canyon
      21. See the 7 Wonders of the World
      22. Attend a Broadway show
      23. Attend Mardi Gras
      24. Stand on the Equator
      25. Paint ball
      26. Speak in an accent for a day
      27. Attend a concert of someone you don’t know
      28. Watch nothing but cartoons for the day
      29. Have a water balloon fight
      30. Create an alter-ego
      31. Rope swing into water
      32. Graduate college
      33. Visit Monte Carlo
      34. Experience zero gravity
      35. Make a slap bet with someone
      36. Attend Comicon
      37. Prepare toiletry kits for the homeless
      38. See a burlesque show
      39. Learn how to drive stick shift
      40. Explore an abandoned building
      41. Go to Warped Tour
      42. TP someone’s house
      43. Go on a cross country road trip
      44. Visit a psychic
      45. Visit the Four Corners
      46. Attend Oktoberfest in Deustchland
      47. Visit Ireland over St. Patrick’s Day
      48. Make and bury a time capsule
      49. Be a part of a scavenger hunt
      50. Visit NASA

      These are still things I haven’t done but I recently crossed some things off of my Apocalyst. I visited my mom in Illinois last week and she finally took me to the Windy City of Chicago and I was able to cross off multiple things just by being in that city but also crossed off some things by just visiting my mom and some family. They consisted of:

      1. Go to the top of the Sear’s Tower (check)
      2. See the Cloud Gate Sculpture (check)
      3. Try Chicago deep dish style pizza (amazing and check)
      4. Listen to a story from Great-Grandpa (check)
      5. Gamble with Great-Grandpa (I went home $20 poorer but check)

      Having this list really puts things into perspective for me and helps me to appreciate even the small moments in my life. They really make a difference and I am trying to learn to not take anything for granted. Thanks for listening!


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      • This is just incredible! Comicon! So much yes, I’ll see you there!

        I know what you mean about it putting things in perspective, it really makes you start to appreciate life.
        Keep us up to date!


  2. So finally getting around to posting my list and I’m not gonna post all of it, cos it’s long but here’s a sample ;p
    1. Meet Jesse Rath (Without being a fan of Jesse I never would have started watching the show. It’s because of him my life has changed forever.)
    2. Move to London
    3. Go to Vancouver
    4. Go to LA
    5. Go to NYC
    6. See Rent live (Achieved 04/04/2017)
    7. Work on set
    9. Be an Extra
    10. Go to San Diego Comic con
    19. Lose 4 stone
    23. Dye my hair a wild colour
    27. Buy my parents a holiday
    28. Make a vlog
    31. Cosplay at an event
    35. Be on the West End or Broadway
    36. Take guitar lessons
    37. Take singing lessons
    38. Ride a roller coaster
    39 Eat a steak (sounds odd, but I never had before. Achieved 29/01/17)
    40. Hold a spider
    42. Get a dog
    43. Hold an otter
    44. Learn to scuba
    46. Go to Walker Stalker convention.
    48. Go to the Monterrey Bay Aquarium
    50. Apply for drama school (Achieved 28/1/17)
    52. Learn French
    57. Meet Hadley Fraser
    60. See a show on Broadway
    61. Ski
    62. Go to Wimbledon
    63. Visit Scandinavia
    65. See Dear Evan Hansen live

    There’s just a few and I’m sure I’ll be constantly adding to it too.


    • I love this roxxi, so glad I’ve been able to see the journey already, what with the drama school applications etc. This is exactly what life is about, and I can’t wait to hear more about the next part of your journey! Keep us up to date! Scott Apocalyst


  3. Fiona’s Apocalyst
    1. Write a book
    2. Illustrate a book
    3. Write a poetry type book
    4. Climb Machu Picchu
    5. Learn to swim
    6. Learn to speak French
    7. Learn to play the drums
    8. Learn to play the piano
    9. Play the drums in a band
    10. Visit Petra, Jordan
    11. Walk on the Great Wall of China
    12. Take Ayahuasca
    13. Take Acid
    14. Visit Iceland
    15. Live by the sea
    16. Travel around Asia for a few months
    17. Live in Paris
    18. Go skiing
    19. Visit all 7 continents
    20. Paint an art collection
    21. Have a gallery showing of my own work
    22. Start my own creative brand
    23. Find a career in the creative industry
    24. Volunteer abroad
    25. Get my full driver’s license and buy a car
    26. Road trip around Ireland
    27. Inter-railing in Europe
    28. Have children
    29. Get a degree
    30. Do the Lord of the Rings trail in New Zealand


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